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Who We Are

Egyptian CPAs is a professional firm providing Audit, Tax and Advisory service.

Egyptian CPAs believes in the importance of state of the art managerial functions and development.

Our Experience exceeds 13 years of experience in the Egyptian market working with many major sectors within local and international enterprises.

Our Vision

We have developed our services to reach the highest standards which elevates our client’s potential to reach the highest possible level of performance and profitability.

Our Mission

To provide integrated business development services. Everything from the establishment of companies, audit services, tax advice, financial advisories, administrative development and training.

Our Values

Customer orientation. Creativity. Team spirit. Building trust.

Our services

Tax planning and consulting services

Tax planning is an organized process that takes place in parallel with the daily activity of the facility to take advantage of the legal savings granted to investors through the application of the correct law and its supplementary instructions. We will manage the tax planning process through three axes: Axis of automating tax business - axis of monitoring the safety of daily operating tax operations - axis Quick response to tax administration requirements

External audit and audit services

Our auditors will be interested in expressing a professional opinion on the financial statements (positive confirmation) whether the financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with the accounting standards approved by the state, and in order to form this opinion, certain procedures shall be implemented for the auditor, starting with deciding whether or not to accept the audit process and then planning a process. Review (acceptance status), then implement this plan through a set of professional tests and confirmations, and evaluate their results

Consulting services for commercial law and establishment works

Legal planning services are carried out from the moment of the establishment's birth on three axes: planning the legal considerations that lay out stable legal foundations for the facility during its life - putting these legal considerations into practice and following up on the safety of implementation and accuracy of results - Immediate dealing with any unforeseen legal result during the life of the facility.

Consulting services related to companies' evaluation and listing

The need for financing for any facility, whether in the short or long term, and lack of access to the stock exchange will result in your resorting to bank loans, and your resorting to bank loans may destroy your ability to continue as a result of the bank's returns on its share of capital may be greater than the profitability of your business, as well as He needs guarantees that are often personal, this means your destruction in the event of the failure of the project, so we never offer advice by borrowing from the bank, but we offer advice on the need to qualify to enter the stock exchange, with its harsh requirements in most cases

Electronically activating internal control systems

We will closely understand the activity and converge on its weaknesses so that we come out with the manual of operating policies and control systems from the womb of daily business, away from the ideal policies that may not be suitable for all establishments at all age stages, then we will automate these policies through a suitable system for the establishment, and follow up The safety of the application periodically through the review and audit team. This procedure will lead the facility entirely to digital transformation or the promotion of digital transformation

We have a great team!

We have a great team that consists of experts that are always ready for your assitance

Our clients' sectors

- Medical supplies
- Contracting
- Real estate investments
- Garment industry
- Paper industry and recycled paper
- Industrial Contracting
- Software
- Managing companies and real estate
- Engineering consultancy
- Packaging

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