The country is developing and we must develop together – ECPA helps its customers with the e-invoice program

Among the development and automation projects that have been implemented by the government is the electronic invoice project, in which the tax authority began implementing it to form a central system for the electronic invoicing system to eliminate the phenomenon of fake bills, combat tax evasion and examine sales and purchase invoices.

ECPA tells you not to be with you for as long as we are with you through an electronic invoice program that meets 100% of ETA requirements including:

✓ Electronic signature

Establishing customer data to comply with the requirements of the electronic tax system

✓ Coding the items with the Global Classification Code (GPC) to comply with the requirements of the electronic tax system

Obtaining a single number for each invoice sent to the tax authority

Approval of the electronic invoice and acknowledgment of receipt

✓ Receive GS1 / GPC codes

Of course, you will face us with the problem of not having a good system that supports the electronic bill and uploads it to the government’s own system. We are in ECPA. We have solved the problem, and our company has already been able to work a complete link with the electronic invoice very quickly and simply. You can contact us through our website


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