Why to trust ECPA?

ECPA started in 2009, which is an Egyptian joint stock company of six legal accountant partners whose experience exceeds twenty years in the world of business from specialists in the field of accounting, auditing, tax advice and establishing companies. Financial and technical targets with the least changes in the systems to obtain the competencies that enable you to build a healthy work environment that guarantees you stability and reach the target growth rates

ECPA team
ECPA team

And what else?

We also offer you financial advice and innovative solutions to overcome stagnation or failure to achieve sales or marketing targets, in addition to financial resources planning services to achieve the best benefit for all parties. We also provide technical arbitration for private companies by applying plans to avoid any stumbling in achieving the targets in addition to managing the digital transformation according to the latest Global standards in a limited time to restructure the internal control systems in line with digital transformation and ensure the preservation of the entity’s assets and properties.

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