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فريقنا - عطية حمدي

who is he?

Attia Hamdy​ Legal accountant and auditor of joint-stock companies Experience more than 20 years in the field of activating financial systems for construction companies in the Gulf countries, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and other specialized industrial and commercial sectors and has many articles on the importance of digital transformation for companies from more than 15 years, Attia Hamdy holds Received a BA in Commerce from Mansoura University in 2000.


Articles by Attia Hamdy

كل ما تريد معرفتة عن تكويد الاصناف
Electronic internal control systems

Detailed coding policy

What does coding mean and why do we use it Where is coding used? Coding benefits Coding methods Illustrative example

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Videos by Attia Hamdy

Control and automation of the departments of purchases and stores

Separating the procurement and warehouse departments leads to the loss of the company’s assets, and the greater the link between them, the greater the control over the company’s assets

Coding Policy As It Should Be (Part I)

Establishing coding controls to ensure business success in the future

Coding Policy as It Should Be (Part II) A Practical Explanation of Coding

Dividing the problem into small parts helps in a quick and more accurate solution

The importance of the documentary cycle

Automation of the documentary cycle helps to make the right decision at the right time

The fourth level of the accounts tree and how to link accounts to this level

Failure to link the account at the correct level leads to the appearance of the numbers in the levels of the tree of accounts incorrectly and not expressing the truth

Account currency as needed

You must specify the base currency and add an account in a different currency if needed

Coding policy in the chart of accounts

Following a correct coding policy that leads to the success of creating and adding accounts within the accounts tree in the future

The first level of the chart of accounts

Learn about the chart of accounts and the explanation of the first level

The second level of the chart of accounts

Error in linking levels leads to incorrect data with other levels

Discussion about the tree

Reducing problems with the tree is the secret of the success of the financial system

Problems building a tree of accounts

Very important items that must be taken into account when building a chart of accounts

An overview of the chart of accounts

A full view of the chart of accounts form

The role of the chart of accounts in building systems

A sound tree of accounts helps systems succeed

The meaning of the tree of accounts

The accounts related to the entity must be chosen without looking at other entities, with the possibility of adding in the future properly

How to build a tree of accounts

To build a tree of accounts in accordance with the Egyptian accounting standards, it must be divided into main levels

Divide the levels of the chart of accounts

Separating and dividing the levels is very important to group similar accounts in the accounts tree

Operating systems

In order to properly activate the systems, it is necessary to rely on a strong and understanding team, and not only through consulting

Technological impact on systems

It is necessary to get rid of the traditional systems because they do not give the information that affects the decision-making in a timely manner and at the right cost

The tree of accounts and its relationship to the components of building systems

Building any sound financial system depends on a sound and developed tree of accounts

Operating and control systems and their importance for any organization - Part I

Through operating and control systems, you can ensure that the workflow in your organization works in accordance with all accounting and auditing standards.

Operating systems and monitoring - Part II

Did technology and its advancement affect the institutions’ systems negatively or positively?

The decline in the role of bank reconciliation

In light of technological progress, we no longer rely on bank settlement as a basic requirement