Beneficiary sectors on the stock exchange after Dollar rise 2022

القطاعات المستفيدة في البورصة بعد ارتفاع الدولار 2022 | ECPA

The most challenging economic problem we faced at the beginning of this year is the rise in the Dollar, which has led to a rise in the price of most goods and products. Globally, shipping, supply, goods, and transport rates have risen, reflected in all the goods we need to buy daily inside Egypt, mainly the importer.

Individuals who own some amounts of money and are looking for the best way to keep the value of those funds from inflation so that their monthly value does not decline as the Dollar continues to rise face confusion and hesitation. Is gold a suitable sector to invest in? Should I buy the goods I need at the current price? High or wait a little bit? And other questions are in the minds of Egyptians right now.

To answer these questions, follow us during the article. We will show you the best ways to protect your money against rising Dollars and the risk of high prices and increasing inflation.

First, let’s start by knowing what inflation means.

Inflation means higher prices of goods and goods in exchange for the decline in the purchasing value of the pound.

نصائح للتعامل مع أزمة ارتفاع سعر الدولار | ECPA

Tips for dealing with the Dollar rising crisis

More than one financial expert is advised to follow the following tips as the current Dollar rate increases and choose one of the appropriate sectors of the following

Buy the necessary goods immediately but at an installment rate because inflation will make the value of money lower in the future. Therefore, the deduction of funds will not affect you significantly in the future.

Individuals who think about dealing with banks. The best bank investment now that can be handled safely is fast-interest treasury bills, which are valid from 3 to 6 months at most, as high inflation in Egypt or any country in the world will force banks to work at higher prices of Interest, which will be reflected on the savings and investment instruments in the bank and its returns will increase.

Please choose one of the guaranteed investment sectors after studying it well and searching for it in detail. Then, you can turn to a certified financial expert as ECPA office to choose the best-trusted sectors.

It is better not to buy any entertainment item now, even if you have the financial value it covers, especially as its price increases in light of the rise in the Dollar and increased inflation.

The last tip is to watch out for your money and not risk an unsecured investment, such as cryptocurrency investment sectors or money operators

?What are the best investment sectors after the Dollar rises

Real estate investment

Everyone is wondering about real estate investment, and is the right time to buy real estate now? Real estate investment is only helpful with two conditions: - Buying a property to live in it and for personal use. - Real estate investment with the aim of leasing and obtaining returns through it. In the absence of the two conditions above and you want to buy the property and then sell it after a while, I would like to alert you that this puts your money at significant risk, especially with the presence of real estate investment companies that offer properties in installments over several years at affordable prices.

Gold sector

Despite the importance of gold as an investment area for funds or preserving its value, especially in global and financial crises... However, the current unsuspecting economic situation makes investing in gold a risk because the value of gold will be affected by increasing and decreasing rapidly as the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war worsen. In a more precise sense, you may buy gold at a price exceeding a thousand pounds now, and tomorrow there may be a collapse in its price. During the past two weeks, gold has recorded an increase in the price of more than 200 Dollars suddenly after the Dollar rises and may collapse at the same speed. Therefore, you should buy gold at times of decline.

Foreign certificates

The best alternative to gold is foreign currency certificates of the Euro and the Dollar, but it has a low-interest value compared to Egyptian investment certificates.

Investing in the Egyptian Stock Exchange

The rise in the dollar rate has positively affected the Egyptian Stock Exchange. The Egyptian Stock Exchange indices have been steadily rising to more than 4% for more than two weeks. This is because the rise in the Dollar increases the rate of attraction, increases foreign investors’ competitiveness and purchasing capacity, and forces them to inject greater liquidity.

Egyptian dealers on the Egyptian Stock Exchange have been purchasing centers over the past two weeks in anticipation of entering a more significant number of foreign investments. The increase in the dollar rate against the lower price of the pound is a source of attraction for investing in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, which is highly safe for foreign investors.

?How are commodities affected by the Dollar rate rise

We also said earlier that the increase in the Dollar had negatively affected the prices of goods and products, especially those imported from them, especially since the Egyptian market suffers from traders exploiting any increase in the Dollar rate, even though traders did not reduce prices when the Dollar depreciated.

Unfortunately, this time, the global problem and higher prices have become a reality facing most countries of the world. As a result, there are also expectations of increasing the Dollar rate, and prices continue to rise further.

كيف تأثرت السلع بارتفاع سعر الدولار؟ | ECPA

?Is buying Dollars a safe investment

Unfortunately, the state will not allow any citizen to trade in Dollars, especially as the dollar continues to rising and instability, because this will cause significant potential risks to the Egyptian economy. Perhaps the best example is the State of Lebanon, which has negatively affected Dollar trading in its economy

?What is the expected Dollar price for the next period

Unfortunately, today, the Egyptian Stock Exchange index indicates a high probability of increasing the Dollar rate further, significantly, as the Dollar’s rise has increased against most Arab currencies and is constantly increasing.

ما توقعات أسعار الدولار الفترة القادمة؟ | ECPA
?How is your company facing the Dollar rise

Listing companies on the Egyptian Stock Exchange is considered one of the safe options. But your company’s financial management may face a crisis due to the high Dollar rate, especially with products that rely on imported materials or in tax and financial planning.

But dealing with ECPA office will feel the most secure. Our team consists of many consultants, specialists, and more than one financial expert who harnesses their efforts to bring your company to financial security under the conditions experienced by the country.

Our office can provide several accounting, tax, auditing, and investment services, including:

  • Conducting economic and realistic feasibility studies on the best investment sectors available.
  • Preparing reports on everything related to the sector and expectations of change
  • Accounting and financial advice.
  • Review the financial system and financial management.
  • Provide periodic and annual reports on the financial situation of the company.
  • Accounting services, bookkeeping, and financial statements.
  • Preparing contracts and agreements to guarantee the company’s economic rights if the Dollar continues to rise and change.
  • Provide information about the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the best stocks expected to rise.
  • Evaluate the company’s current performance.
  • I am preparing accounting and tax plans and strategies in line with global changes.
  • Follow up on ongoing amendments to international accounting laws, standards, and laws.
  • We are dealing with the company’s legal form and taking responsibility for legal protection.
  • Provide modern electronic programs that are compatible with your accounting system.
  • Many financial, tax, audit, and investment services.

The rise in the Dollar is a crisis that all companies face, and dealing with it needs intelligence and financial expertise such as provided by ECPA office as one of the most prominent accounting offices in Egypt and the Arab world. Because we consider the current economic conditions, we offer the first consultation free of charge; join us now

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