Bookkeeping Department

Outsourcing services

Outsourcing of our professional accounting staff providing professional assistance through our experienced accounting staff selected carefully to meet the clients’ needs and expectations we committed to professional and learning continuing basis on our quality standard, our long-term contracts with our current clients are based on mutual respect and trustworthy relationship. 

Our services in the management of bookkeeping are divided into:

Accounting services

Providing professional assistance in designing a proper chart of accounts and maintaining accounting records in accordance with the Egyptian Accounting Standards, IFRS and the company’s requirements that help management to take decisions by reading and realizing the different types of financial reporting and financial statements, recording manual statutory books Maintaining and recording the company’s manual statutory accounting books ‘General Journal Book and Inventory Book’ as requested by the Egyptian commercial law and for tax purposes. 

Payroll services

Our firm has a specialized Payroll Support Services department staffed with experienced personnel and experience in serving local and multinational companies Preparing the monthly payroll calculation, including computing the salary tax, social insurance contributions and amounts due to be paid to employees.