Capital ERP

Capital ERP Components

As we said that the capital ERP system is an integrated system that includes all the operations that the company carries out daily. Hence, it consists of many accounting units connected.

:The components of the Capital ERP system are

It facilitates determining the extent of gains or losses achieved by a product, customer, sector or section during a specified time

You can see the quantity or cost of inventory or data on each product, such as its validity or components

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Payroll module

This module enables you to command the issuance of employee salaries and increase or decrease the pay of each one according to his rating

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Manufacturing module

You can find out the expenses of raw materials, direct and indirect manufacturing and transportation, and the total costs

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CRM module

The CRM module helps you know how satisfied clients are with your product and which advertising campaigns are more successful


E-invoice module

Issuing and signing invoices electronically and linking them with the tax authority as well as linking all items with the tax code

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Real estate investment module

You can record unit data, follow up on the sales team, determine a price list for the available units and different payment models

It makes measurements, registers the contract, and compares the estimated budget with the actual and inventories quantities and extracts

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Medical module

The module assists the hospitals, labs, etc. It monitors patients and doctors and issues invoices and detailed account statements


Purchasing and sales module

It monitors the documentary and accounting cycle and closes the gaps that may occur by linking stores to the purchase and sale process. 

It manages the car service centres and equipment maintenance, knows the required routine maintenance and makes sales invoices. 

The ability to follow documents related to the facility, customers, suppliers and employees, read them, and print a copy quickly. 

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Point of sale module

It facilitates the immediate review of inventory and its balances with the possibility of adding price lists and discounts. 

It registers projects, divides each project into tasks with an estimated time and specific employees and issues sales invoice. 


Documentary credit module

It collects the cost of the import message and the value of the shipment and distributes it to the items upon warehouse receipt. 


Fixed assets module

Registering fixed assets and linking them to the employee, specifying locations and transferring them from one employee to another.


School management module

Follow-up of the educational system, registration of study stages, student data and fees, study schedule, transfer of students. 


‌Budgets module

It makes a financial budget, sales and purchases budget and examines comparison reports for the actual budget. 

Capital ERP Your personal assistant to manage all your work easily and accurately.

Capital ERP is the system that has been developed very carefully and through deep accounting thought over tens of years to respond to customer and auditor’s inquiries through instantaneous financial statements without delay.

In addition to our key interest in giving the best after-sales service so that companies optimally take advantage of Capital ERP to achieve their best growth rates

Download the definition file of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in Arabic and learn more about the system

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

If you have a mid-size enterprise or still planning to set up your own company, let me advise you to use the best accounting system.. ERP system, which you can consider as your personal assistant to run your business.

ERP system can issue you invoices, increase your sales, identify your customers, accounts and employees, accurately calculate inventory and other work that needs more than one employee.

In an era full of technological changes, we can no longer play our role as developers of internal control systems and auditors through manual procedures. It has become necessary to audit through modern technological strategies that maximize internal control systems and give many detailed reports. This is why we had to have an integrated system that can Rely on it and direct our client to be reliable for us and cover all client needs.

What the ERP system provides for your company’s growth ensures that your data is kept safe and completely confidential. It provides you with the best comprehensive accounting applications that accept customization. You can modify them to meet your company’s needs, and the best advantage of the ERP system is the continuous availability at any time.

The ERP system suits your type of business, whatever it is, it is customizable to more than 50 different areas and has been able to acquire millions of customers around the world in a short time, and has helped thousands of investors to succeed in their companies and supervise their work without effort.

Giant and even developing companies turn to internal and external accounting and control systems with modern technological techniques instead of boring manual ones that consume time, effort, money, and space. The most important of these systems is the ERP system.

What is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system?

The meaning of the acronym ERP is an acronym for “Enterprise resource planning”, referring to programs that manage the operations and departments within the company from the activities of commerce, operations, supply, manufacturing, employees, customers and making reports.
ERP programs have appeared since 1990, which was issued by the Gartner Foundation, which in the past gave separate accounting programs, and each program of them was concerned with specific operations. Still, with the technological development, all functions were collected in one program under the name of the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) to lead all operations and record them in tables.
ERP system greatly assists the business owner in linking the data and issuing appropriate decisions for it. It also helps him improve the performance of current and future operations and develop production.

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ERP system goals

What the ERP system offers for your company’s growth is many and uncountable. For examples, we can mention:   

  • ERP system helps achieve the planned goals by working on a single program that enables managers and workers to analyze and follow up on business.
  • ERP system enables the company’s management to know the company’s strengths and weaknesses to increase improvements to powers and reduce defects.
  • It helps Follow up the performance of daily and monthly activities and measure how companies achieve the set plans.
  • It helps follow up the performance of daily and monthly activities and measure how companies achieve the set plans.
  • ERP helps invest employees’ time and reduce costs, allowing them to register transactions faster and providing a large storage card to record millions of transactions. It does not consume more space, papers or employees, as in the manual registration method.
  • ERP facilitates data sharing for business owners as the ERP system sends periodic reports without any human intervention.
  • ERP Protects companies from fraud and theft, as it prevents tampering with numbers and not duplicating the same data and keeps all books and records so that the business owner can quickly discover the error.
  • ERP analyzes the Market in terms of supply, demand and adequacy.
  • ERP Monitors the planned operations by managers and whether they were implemented or not? The ERP system also provides alerts in case of non-implementation.
  • ERP Improves the performance of company departments in general.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an enterprise resource planning system?

Of course, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Still, the remarkable benefits of the ERP Capital system surely overcomes its few drawbacks. At ECPA, we will give you the chance to compare through the following points:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an enterprise resource planning system?

I do not think that I can collect all the advantages offered by the ERP system due to the many benefits it provides, but I will mention some of them:

It markedly increases work performance efficiency.

ERP Records daily tasks such as creating invoices and proof of operations.

ERP helps access any statement, whether modern or old, is available quickly, anytime and anywhere as long as a device is connected to the Internet.

It helps make the right decisions because it enables you to analyze data accurately and make ultra-accurate forecasts.

This system enables accurate and error-free tax reporting.

ERP system gives you access to follow up on the performance provided by each employee during the previous period and manage personnel affairs in general, including attendance, daily leave, vacations, and salaries for each employee.

ERP provides an accurate, detailed report on the company’s incoming and outgoing stock and a division of each product, its number, and the different items.

The ERP system is the best assistant system for owners of large companies with multiple branches, as this system helps them follow up on work in all departments.

The ERP system enables employees to understand the direction and goals of the department, which helps them get more done.

It can add external applications that you may need.

ERP provides a vast storage capacity of the volume of information, which can be re-updated at any time.

ERP system provides complete data security and keeps it in peace away from the dangers of fire, theft or embezzlement.

It is considered lower in cost than the company’s internal administrative system.

The paperless system is more fun and accessible than the paper system, as it depends only on setting alerts and approvals from the employer.

Disadvantages of ERP system

The most significant disadvantage of the ERP system is the high cost and technical support cost, but it is suitable compared to its advantages.

ERP system needs to train existing employees and allocate employees to demonstrate operations immediately so that the application is more accurate.

ERP requires a vast storage space of storage media.

Types of ERP system

The ERP system can be used in many different companies, and each company chooses the type of ERP system that suits the nature of its work. And the types of capital ERP include:

Open source ERP system
  • It allows the user to add any applications compatible with your business and control its operations.
On premises ERP system
  • Applications that are downloaded and worked on within your organisation’s devices and are available in several sizes to suit all companies, but it is preferable to use them for medium and small companies.
Cloud based ERP system
  • It is a suitable system for all companies, regardless of the size of their dealings. It provides cloud technology to its customers to create their plans and access their data easily.
Hybrid ERP
  • It is a system that combines the capabilities of the internal system for work and cloud systems.

At the ECPA, we recommend the cloud-based ERP system for you, as it is the best ERP system that has appeared so far.

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Examples of ERP system

There are many examples of ERP systems that have greatly helped to improve and organize different work fields, including:


ERP system for funding

• It displays reports that show you inspiring insights and ideas that have been prepared with artificial intelligence to help you increase your profits.

ERP system for HR Department

• ERP system provides the best way to manage company data and employees such as payroll, business, etc.

Financial ERP system

• It Prepares statements of accounts’ books and credit & debit records very accurately to prevent fraud and embezzlement.

ERP system in healthcare

• It allows managing everything related to the hospital, such as the medical staff, follow-up of patients, analysis laboratories, clinics, and hospital data such as appointments for visits, operations, and others.

Store ERP

• It allows tracking inventory within stores, monitoring incoming and outgoing quantities and everything related to it.

erp supply chain

• It optimizes and simplifies the supply chain operations in its various aspects in manufacturing, warehouse, transportation and facilities.

Retail ERP System

• It allows the merchant to study the market demand and the most profitable product enabling him to increase the productivity of his employees.

Manufacturing ERP System

• ERP contributes to scheduling and optimizing the company’s product manufacturing and ensuring timely delivery.

What ERP System Can Do for Your Company’s Growth

ERP system gives the ability of the system to send periodic reports without human intervention on specific dates, which will make you feel comfortable and safe. ERP provides instantaneous measurement indicators through which the boss can sense danger in case of a subordinate’s wrongdoing. All your subordinates’ movements will be visible, moment by moment, on your mobile device, which allows you to immediately correct them before Things get worse.

A work system with unlimited powers that works everywhere and all the time

The Capital ERP system provides a working system with unlimited powers that work everywhere and all the time. It also provides a set of unlimited powers. You can display a screen without a screen or information without information or part of the information without all the information.

A “paperless” work system that relies on approvals and alerts from anywhere and at any time

The Capital ERP system provides a “paperless” work system that relies on approvals and alerts of every change that occurs to the decision-maker or his assistants according to the need, and whether this alert is at the moment of the occurrence of the event itself or at the end of a specific period of time, and whether this event is operational, administrative or financial, such The intellectual approach prevents a lot from repeating the business, such as registering the sales invoice manually and then reissuing it from the system. The system will automatically withdraw the data of the incoming sales order from the customer and record it in the invoice and wait for the electronic approval from the authorized person and then print the invoice from the authorized person for the number of times to print Allowed for a number of pre-defined copies, all of this is done automatically and without anyone’s supervision

Your company’s success requires a lot of work from you, and there is a solid assistant to rely on in managing your business, and I think you will not find a better loyal assistant than the capital ERP system.

Because the client’s satisfaction has always been our first and highest goal; We not only offer you accounting systems, but our most significant interest is what we offer you after-sale; we provide our customers with the best level of after-sale service; its advantages include:

Providing technical support all week with vast professional experience

Periodic training courses and meetings to explain the program system smoothly to make the most of it

Provide detailed and simplified videos for each module with the correct way and steps to work on it

Continuous upgrading and development of services provided in line with your company’s business; to facilitate your work and help you achieve the desired objectives

Legal and tax consulting about the program

Get in touch monthly and periodically with your team to ensure everything is done correctly and efficiently

The ECPA Company ensures you the best quality of after-sales services at the most reasonable price. We are always happy to be successful partners to our customers