General Ledger Module makes profitable accounting marvels

There is no doubt that the basis for any company’s success is establishing a robust ledger system. Any ledgering system is based on making financial statements, including income statements, financial balance lists, and ledgers for each asset owned by the company.

With the current digital and technological transformation, many accounting programs are available. These programs help professionals and accountants in managing capital. The most important of these programs is “Capital ERP”, which provides many accounting modules, the most important of which is the General Ledger Module.

The General Ledger Module aims to answer the most important question of any establishment: whether the company makes profits or losses. The answer may seem complicated, especially if the company has multiple branches or you want to know the earnings of a particular unit, department, customer, or product. 

The importance of a General Ledger Module

Do you wonder whether general ledgers need a specialised program? Yes, it is not easy. It is a dilemma for ledgerants and specialists because determining the net profit is not just subtracting the value of your purchases from your sales. Still, the value of your real profits is estimated based on your sales. Therefore, total sales cost your company.

It may be in your mind that the Excel program achieves these results. Indeed, Excel costs you a lot of time, external calculations, and adding and deleting values. But finally, you find that the impact and importance of profit and loss are inaccurate.

You need a financial ledgering auditor to ensure the integrity of the ledgering results, the inventory management, and the electronic invoice's validity, provided by a ledgers and stores program and not the Excel program.

Therefore, the General Ledger Module is considered one of the most critical modules for companies and others. 

The importance of the General Ledger Module for companies

From time to time, investors and company owners need to ensure that the company is making the desired profit and has the sufficient financial capacity to manage its operations or make new financial decisions such as opening branches, loans, investments, etc. For example, in the case of loans, they will need to know your financial ability to pay the loan value.

The ERP program provides this feature. The General Ledger Module can calculate your current financial capacity monthly, annually, or at any time quickly and easily. 

أهمية موديول الحسابات للشركات | ECPA
أهمية موديول الحسابات العامة بالنسبة للمنتجات | ECPA

The importance of the General Ledger Module for products

Most companies have many products and services. Not all these products achieve the same profitability, so your company will need to know which products make fewer profits to be replaced or stopped. The ledger program for stores will enable them to do this easily.

The utility of a General Ledger Module for the customer

Successful companies always enhance their relationship with customers, especially customers who make the highest purchases and the most profits. The program will show you the profitability of each customer and which ones are less profitable for you. 

General Ledger Module

The General Ledger Module is the backbone of any company. It collects all the company's ledgers represented in the chart of accounts, with an unlimited number of branches such as asset ledgers, cash, cost, budget, financial statements etc. 

The most important documents related to it are:

المستندات المرتبطة بموديول الحسابات العامة قيود اليومية | ECPA

Daily notices.

الاشعارات المدينة من المستندات المرتبطة بموديول الحسابات العامة | ECPA

debt notices.

income list

Credit notices.

Financial balance list.

المستندات المرتبطة بموديول الحسابات العامة الفواتير المختلفة | ECPA

Different bills.

المستندات المرتبطة بموديول الحسابات العامة قيود اليومية | ECPA

Final notices.


Receipt bonds for cash or checks.

المستندات المرتبطة بموديول الحسابات العامة الفواتير المختلفة | ECPA

Exchange bonds for cash or checks.


Currency difference.

The powers associated with the Module

Operational powers:

It concerns the individuals responsible for operating the program and recording its data. First, the person responsible for each task required to be registered is determined. For example, the powers of the person responsible for recording the cash exchange are determined; what amount is available for disbursement, or is it open? The person who approves the business and is responsible for the amendment is decided after first relying on and modifying the general ledger settings.

View powers:

It is intended to identify individuals who are allowed to access these data, income list, and financial position list, whether he is one of the company’s officials and departments or decision-makers. The powers of the offer consider maintaining the confidentiality of the data to the maximum extent possible.

What reports does the General Ledgers Module provide?

The "Capital ERP" program is distinguished by providing all kinds of reports at any time, especially financial statement reports, characterised by high accuracy and zero error rate. All public accounts can be extracted from the financial statements. For example, it is possible to know the performance of a customer, partner or employee, and so on through financial statements.

A simplified video illustrates how to make an accounts module in the Capital ERP program in simple steps and how to deal with the program's interface and use it to achieve the desired goals according to your company's work.

The unique benefits of the "Capital ERP" program

We cannot limit the benefits offered by Capital ERP, but we can mention the most important features as follows:

  • The ERP program helps establish a ledger system suitable for your needs.
  • The program database can be divided into several companies, sectors, branches, departments, etc.
  • More than one company can be added to the same database.
  • Possibility to allocate to each administrator and separate powers quickly.
  • The possibility of making a single document for cash or goods.
  • It provides any customer’s data for any period. You can quickly determine the years to see a separate ledger statement for each year.
  • There is no need to post restrictions and data. Once you write any information, it appears in all related reports and general ledgers.

Frequently Asked Questions about General Ledgers Module

The Capital ERP program has thousands of advantages that qualify it as your e-partner. The ECPA team has the experience and qualifications to quickly deal with the program and modify it to suit the needs of general ledgers.

Do not hesitate to contact us now. We have the best General Ledger Module with an entire team of specialists who do their best to make your company successful and achieve the profit you seek.