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Manufacturing Sector

By verifying the existence of an operating cycle through the applied system, it ensures that manufacturing operations do not stop due to the lack of some components of the manufacturing process, which always happens as a result of the lack of an automated production planning system, as well as that it provides powerful verification tools for auditors to achieve the supply chain and about Whether it is done in the right way, at the right time, and at the right cost

Health Sector (hospitals and medical centers)

Issuance of the invoice is automated through a comprehensive system, so that prices are included in it through price lists and discounts on the system itself, so that the price is settled on the service according to the type of patient and includes the tolerance ratios, and to ensure the instantaneous accounting effects of all the above on the accounting system

Contracting Sector

Our team will be interested in verifying the system’s ability to receive the bidding in all its details, then the engineering office’s ability to analyze the terms of the bid’s terms to its most accurate temporal and engineering details at its expected cost on the same system as well, and the modifications that are made to it during implementation, then the system’s ability to monitor development performance and compare it to what was planned

Import Sector

Our team will be busy verifying that the import process cycle is completely completed on the system, starting from communicating with the supplier and issuing the purchase order to him, passing through obtaining government import approvals, ending with receiving the product in our warehouses.

Quarries and Crushers Sector

We will be very interested in the mechanism of issuing the sales bonus from the original and a set of photos confirming the prevention of any deviation in the quantities, prices or values ​​between the origin of the bonus and the different images and what is collected from the customer

Professional Services Sector

Our team will be busy verifying that all clients and their projects and tasks within each project and assigning employees to tasks that have been coded on the system in a way that achieves the ability to separate the different professional competencies

Advertising Production Sector

Our team will be busy verifying that each contracted technical work has been predicted for its costs and implementation period, and the person responsible for the implementation has been placed on the system on the planning work budget document, and that these items will be specified during operation and so that no override occurs It was approved in the budget when spending on the item, whether this spending was made through cash, banks or inventory, according to the powers granted

Ready Mix Concrete Sector

Verifying the correct operation of the sales plan document for a period and the subsequent unloading of future customer contracts with the required quantity and delivery date on the system and the safety of the availability of raw materials necessary for the implementation of this plan on the required date and what emanates from these planning documents for daily collection bonds and what follows from that Delivery permits and the subsequent bill of sale with the quantities delivered within a period, then the integrity of reports that show the safety of the implementation of the scheme or the presence of deviations from it

Heavy Equipment Sector

Verifying the existence of the equipment operational plan document for a period in light of customer contracts and the emanating from it of periodic operating orders for the single equipment, then verifying that all equipment and its accessories are registered on the fixed assets register and that each equipment has been recorded for its useful life, whether this life is in hours operation or kilometers, as well as finding a relationship between the number of operating hours recorded on the equipment and the amount of fuel that was used and the integrity of the relationship between them.

Distribution Companies Sector

Verifying the completeness of operating the distribution plan document for a period in light of contracts with customers and what emanate from it from the operating documents for the lines

Real Estate Investment Sector

Verifying that all units have been fed into the system, whether they are sold and paid, sold and unpaid, not yet sold or reserved, and verify that every action taken by the salesman has a momentary impact on the units’ database so that one unit is not sold more than once​

Restaurants and Cafe Chains Sector

Verify that the system provides the ability to improve the performance of the system and the interdependence of all aspects of the resources and put in place systems to reduce the waste of resources and control the daily cost ratios of products to control production costs, and achieve customer satisfaction by improving the quality of the product provided to him and the appropriateness of its price and speed of service delivery

Supermarket Chains Sector

Verifying the existence of a sales plan document for a period on the system, from which a purchasing plan emerges that can achieve a balance between the accumulation of inventory and meet the needs of the customer and verify that the system achieves the existence of a specific central price list through which the instant pricing of products and that the powers to grant specific discounts on specific branches or specific products Or specific times secured with a set of powers during which the pricing system cannot be hacked

Spinning and Weaving Industry

The ability of the system to develop a sales plan in light of customer contracts, followed by a production plan in light of warehouse balances and available production capacities, and then a purchasing plan in light of the previous two plans, taking into account the economic quantity of demand and the time required to provide the required Verification of the coding of all spinning machines on the system

Real Estate Asset Management Sector

It is necessary to verify the existence of the maintenance plan document, which includes the customer’s sites and the required maintenance work with their dates for each site, as well as the equipment within the same site and its periodic maintenance plan. To the specialist as soon as the approval is received electronically

Pharmacies and Retail Chain Management Sector

Our work team is interested in formulating internal control systems that ensure the integrity and integrity of the purchase process, as well as the completeness and accuracy of inventory additions. The integrity of the inventory of different sales from different branches on the system will also be a major goal in the fundamental review process. Also, the absence of intermediate accounts and their presence is to verify the zeroing mechanism for them.