Consulting services for commercial law and establishment works

Legal planning services are carried out from the moment of the establishment’s birth on three axes:

Planning legal considerations that lay out stable legal foundations for the business during its life

Putting these legal considerations into practice and following up on the safety of implementation and the accuracy of the results

Immediate dealing with any unforeseen legal result during the life of the facility

Find out which type is best suited for your organization or company with Mr. Alaa El-Debeki, Member of the Board of Directors for Legal Affairs of the Egyptian Certified Public Accountants Company – ECPA

Planning the legal considerations that lay out stable legal foundations for the entity during its life:

And by that, we mean:

  1. The proper selection of the right legal entity
  2. The right choice of the right activity
  3. Control powers, signature and management rights
  4. Setting controls for preserving property rights through meeting controls and reporting, meeting validity methodology, decision-making quorum, venue and so on.
  5. Fair demarcation of profit rates, management compensation, etc.

Through our legal department, we will be able to demarcate a stable legal entity that will be reflected on the facility’s performance in the following:

  1. Stability of relations between partners as a result of a sense of fairness and transparency within the entity, as well as the assignment of rights to their owners through the inequality of those who provide money and work and only those who provide money.
  2. Formulating this relationship from the first moment protects the enterprise from huge future crises.
  3. Stability of relations between the facility and external parties, including customers, suppliers, and government agencies
    Stability of relations between the facility and its external investors, as the investor feels safe and the investor feels satisfied with his facility
  4. Preserving the assets of the establishment through strong contracts that ensure the safety of possession of the asset and not exposing it to loss or looting

The lack of legal planning may result in crises that are difficult to solve in the future, such as one who established a sole proprietorship due to the simplicity of its procedure, and then was surprised with time that this legal entity is not eligible for expansion, merger or acquisition, and finds itself in front of a dilemma that has no solution except for giving up the legal entity after many years From working on it, which may result in projecting a bright date for the facility, the focus should have been on it! The legal sector in companies is like any sector that needs a great deal of planning, otherwise the decision-maker will always find himself facing the dilemma of management in crises.

Putting these legal considerations into practice and following up on the safety of implementation and accuracy of results:

The development of the plan will always follow its implementation, and the truth is that the plan may be wonderful, but the level of implementation may be limited, and this results in performance that does not comply with the expectations of the plan that was drawn up, as if the procedures of periodic meetings were ignored and the financial statements approved and a copy of them was presented to the authority then An accounting problem has arisen between the partners. It will be the first demolition stone in the legal system of the facility not to adhere to the planned legal procedures through our team. We will be interested in completing these legally defined procedures although it may seem to have little effect at the time, but years later, and while suddenly it appears The importance of these previously taken measures in preserving a legal system that secures the facility for moments of infringement

Immediate handling of any unforeseen legal result during the life of the facility:

Like any system that unforeseen things may happen, it will be the speed of our intervention with the solution based on a scientific approach in managing the situation and recognition of the centers of power, will protect the facility from the increasing effects of the crisis on the facility and provide it with the opportunity for a quiet solution

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