Consulting services related to companies' evaluation and listing

The need for financing for any facility, whether in the short or long term, and not resorting to the stock exchange will result in you resorting to bank loans, and your resort to bank loans may destroy your ability to continue as a result of the bank’s returns on its share of capital greater than the profitability of your business, as well as its need for guarantees. Often personal, this means your destruction if the project fails

Therefore, we do not offer advice at all by borrowing from the bank, but we provide advice on the necessity to qualify for entering the stock exchange due to its harsh requirements in most cases, and the process of qualifying for the stock exchange begins from the moment the establishment is born through:

  1. Create a documentary and book cycle and strong control systems throughout the life stages of the facility
  2. Setting a real organizational structure for the facility that coexists with its different life stages
  3. Improving the quality of the product provided by the facility so that it has a prominent place in the business world
  4. Qualifying and maintaining the human establishment’s cadres despite the great challenges that will face the establishment during its life cycle
  5. Maintaining the issuance of quarterly financial statements and discussing them with the members of the Board of Directors as well as with the consultants of the establishment to reach the strengths and their development and weaknesses and their progressive treatment

After the facility performs the above, it will arrive in a moment to a need to assess its reputation over years of patience and struggle, our team will intervene to give you an impartial report on the value of the facility evaluated from more than one perspective according to the latest international evaluation methods