ECPA a developmental vision at entrepreneurship

With its high experience gained over its previous successful career, the Egyptian Certified Public Accountants ECPA Company is one of the major companies, that has planted its name and made its mark in the Arab labor market. as well as its focus on customer comfort, providing all the services that help him to achieve the highest rates of growth and benefit with an appropriate price plan.  

Prestigious and unparalleled practical experience

The Egyptian Certified Public Accountants has all the business development tools as a main outcome and a direct result of the great experience enjoyed by six chartered accountants in the fields of accounting, auditing, tax consultancy, and company establishment for more than twenty years. So, ECPA followed their approach, writing its success in golden letters, providing a helping hand to all its clients since its initial establishment in 2009 as a leading Egyptian joint-stock company.  

ECPA team
ECPA team

An elite group of mature cadres​

In its work, ECPA relies on a constellation that contains more than twenty-five of the most important and famous accountants, auditors, and engineers, as well as administrative and legal cadres with competence, professionalism, and unlimited experience, which qualifies them to provide the latest and most appropriate technical solutions and treatment of all systems in order to achieve the highest targeted growth rates while providing a healthy and productive work environment that maintains the continuity and growth of success.  

This unprecedented experience of the Egyptian Certified Public Accountants Company and its distinguished work team resulted in a unique strategic investment thought that confirms its superior capabilities to study the labor market accurately and provide innovative solutions to all problems that hinder growth, including intractable recessions. Its distinguished planning of financial resources in accordance with the latest international standards contributed to achieving all sales targets with the greatest benefit to clients, in addition to the technical control of companies and the adjustment of internal control systems, which ensures the preservation of its assets and properties. Therefore, the Egyptian Certified Public Accountants Company has been and continues to be a partner and ally for the success of all its clients all over the Arab world.