External audit and audit services

Our auditors will be interested in expressing a professional opinion on the financial statements (positive confirmation) whether the financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with the accounting standards approved by the state.

In order to form this opinion, the auditor carries out certain procedures, starting with deciding whether or not to accept the audit process, then planning the review process (acceptance status), then implementing this plan through a set of professional tests and confirmations and evaluating their results, then issuing a report, whether it is for management or shareholders. His opinion on the financial statements and the ability of the applied control systems to prevent the leakage of the facility’s assets

Acceptance of the audit process is always linked to the safety and strength of the applied internal audit systems. Carrying out audit work based on systems that are not based on the accounting profession will lead to misleading results.

We do not accept auditing systems that are not prepared according to accounting systems in accordance with the stable standards applicable in the country.

Our auditors will not be satisfied with this traditional role, but they will be pioneers in the development process and planning based on the integrity of historical data, to reach reliable future plans. Our methodology in managing the review process will differ according to the activity. Our deep understanding of the activities helps us strongly in carrying out the review process to the fullest face.