Our team
A constellation of entrepreneurial cadres

Our team can solve all problems and treat any obstacles that may hinder your work.

Our team seeks to create a healthy and productive work environment that achieves maximum growth rates and maintains continuity.

The Egyptian Chartered Accountants Company relies on its business on a constellation that contains more than twenty-five of the most important and famous accountants, auditors, engineers, and distinguished administrative and legal cadres.

The Egyptian chartered accountant’s team has competence, professionalism, and complete experience, which qualify them to provide the latest and most appropriate technical solutions and address all systems in different sectors.

The extended experience of our distinguished team helped to achieve the highest targeted growth rates for all clients providing a healthy and productive work environment that enabled our clients’ companies to succeed and grow faster.

Therefore, the Egyptian chartered accountants are proud to possess this extraordinary amount of experience and the high professional level of the team, which has resulted in a history full of achievements.

We have enough experience to be your ideal choice when searching for your perfect partner. We are looking for the comfort of our clients, with our serious quest to leave a fruitful mark, which has been achieved during our outstanding career and successes with all our previous clients in various fields. 

Our team - ECPA

فريقنا - اشرف حجر

Ashraf Hagar

Chairman of Board of Directors

فريقنا - عطية حمدي

Attia Hamdy

Development and Operation of Automated Information Systems Partner

فريقنا - تامر محمد

Tamer Mohamed Nosair

Tax Planning Partner

Our team - ECPA

our team - Mostafa Hosni

Mostafa Hosni

International Tax Partner

our team - Amer Ibrahim

Amer Ibrahim

Member of the Board of Directors for Auditing

our team - Amr Farag

Amr Farag

Executive Partner - Planning and Development of Internal Control Systems

Our team - ECPA

محمد تهامي - فريقنا | ECPA

Mohamed Tohami

Executive Partner - Operation of Industrial Activities

our team - Mohamed Ibrahim

Mohamed Ibrahim

Member of the Board of Directors for Information Systems Affairs

our team - Mohamed Abdelrahman

Mohamed Abdelrahman

Member of the Board of Directors for Personnel Systems Affairs

فريقنا - علاء الديبكي

Alaa Eldebeki

Member of the Board of Directors for Legal Affairs

ولید علي شريك ومدير فرع دبى بالامارات العربية المتحده | ECPA

Waleed Ali

Emirates Branch Partner