Tax planning and consulting services

Tax planning is an organized process that takes place in parallel with the daily activity of the facility to take advantage of the legal savings granted to investors through the application of the correct law and its supplementary instructions.

Axis of taxation business automation

The focus of monitoring the safety of daily operating tax operations

The focus of the speed of response to the requirements of the tax administration

Electronic Invoice

Issuing the tax invoice from all companies at the state level electronically through the official portals specified by the Ministry of Finance represented by the Tax Authority

Legal penalty for currency trading within the company

A law was issued in late 2019 obligating the management of institutions not to use cash and cash transactions within the institution, even to pay salaries, dues or expenses, and this law obligated that dealings be through bank transfers

Axis of automating tax business:

By automating tax business, we mean placing all tax requirements on the facility’s ERP system, so that this is done by our experts and in light of a study and experience to deal with daily tax events such as:

  1. Tax price per product
  2. The date the event is established for the tax
  3. Entities that deserve the exemption and that do not deserve
  4. Collection and payment history
  5. Books and documents required to complete the examination
  6. Reports that support the tax requirements, whether monthly, quarterly or annually
  7. Receive notices of acceptance or rejection from the authority on the establishment’s system
  8. As well as the mechanism for automatically sending an electronic bill to the tax office
  9. Document of this receipt or delivery

The focus of monitoring the safety of daily operating tax operations:

The next stage for creating the previously mentioned tax system will be following up on the safety of implementation and the accuracy of the results on a timed basis that does not exceed one month. This will be done automatically at the end of each month with the preparation of the monthly value-added declaration. Tax

We will also be interested, on a quarterly basis, to approve the employment tax and to be assured of the integrity of the tax system, especially in labor-intensive activities.

We will also be interested in deciding the quarterly deduction and collection tax, which will be generated automatically through the system, and verifying that all the sums that appeared with it have been deducted from the suppliers actually and a notice has been given to them.

The focus of the speed of response to the requirements of the tax administration:

The safety of the daily operation will always follow the requirements of the tax administration, the speed of response to these requirements will be an indication of building bridges of confidence between the tax authorities and the company. The delay in responding to the tax administration causes the accumulation of doubts about the reliability and reliability of the tax system applied in the facility. A system that guarantees a quick and correct response will lead to benefit from the confidence that the tax authorities will place on the facility