Tax services and everything related to taxes

Throughout the ages, different types of taxes have been implemented for individuals or companies in order to make them responsible for their proper behaviour. Taxes are always a burden on citizens and institutions, especially with their variable values.

To avoid fines or other penalties from the tax authority, individuals and businesses seek help from tax services or accountants who provide accurate estimates of future finances.

This article is dedicated to explaining what taxes are, the different types of taxes and the services we provide so keep reading.

الخدمات الضريبية وكل ما يخص الضرائب​ | ECPA

What is taxes?

It is the sum of money and cash paid to the government tax authority. They are calculated based on the value of income you receive monthly or annually, and the financial cost paid for goods or services provided to them by the government.

It can also be defined as financial returns imposed on individuals or companies, delivered to government bodies, whether local or national and considered a contribution from individuals or companies to support and finance government actions and activities.

Tax Types 2022

Many taxes are imposed on individuals, and their classification varies according to direct, indirect, single, multiple, progressive and other taxes. However, the types of taxes imposed on individuals can be limited to the following taxes:

Income tax

Income tax is considered one of the most critical national and government income sources. It is a tax imposed on the value of income of an existing entity, whether an individual or a company. Income tax is used to support and finance the services provided by the government for people. The entity delivers a declaration explaining its tax obligations to the tax authority within its country. This tax is imposed on any entity that has a source of income, whether it works in government jobs, commercial, industrial or self-employed professions, capital holder or others, whether the source of income is primary or subsidiary, all of which are collected under the name of total revenue. The tax is based on international standards or local accounting standards of the State. Income tax varies from person to person and company to company, depending on the percentage of their income tax.

Stamp tax

The stamp tax is the value of the stamp used on government documents to prove that they are official and recognized. As a result of the expansion of written paper transactions, this importance has increased such as receipt stamps, legal papers, and postal letters.

Real estate taxes

A type of tax that the government imposes on real estate owners, based on the property's value. The funds go to local services in which the property is located, such as repairing water systems and roads.

Taxes on the disposal of real estate

taxes imposed by the state when selling or buying a property, which normally needs to be documented in the real estate month and not earlier. The tax value is calculated according to the value of buying or selling a property.

Property taxes

Property taxes are paid annually on property. This is done if the material is used for profit and benefit, like agricultural land or shops.

Value-added taxes

Value-added tax is a general tax paid by anyone doing a commercial activity, either buying or selling. VAT is calculated by the difference between how much it costs to produce the good/service and what you're actually earning.

Tax on services and goods

A separate tax from VAT is levied on the price of the final good or service sold to a citizen.

Industrial and commercial profit tax

It is imposed on self-employed persons such as artists, lawyers and outpatient doctors. It is calculated according to the person's net profit after deducting the documented expenses of their work provided that they do not exceed 10%.

Amusement park taxes

Amusement park taxes are money that the City Council charges to get people to visit a local business. Tax funds go towards improving city services such as parks and schools.

Customs taxes

Customs taxes are fees that can be charged by authorities on imported goods. These fees are calculated depending on the type of good and how much it weighs in your country's currency.

Farmland taxes

It is subject to cultivated land or capable of doing so, sometimes called farm tax.

Tax services

Due to the diversity of types of taxes and their importance, they must be dealt with seriously and not ignored, so many entities, especially companies, resort to a tax advisory office to entrust them with carrying out all tax services.
With the advent of thousands of tax offices, I do not want you to stand confused by any of them to choose. I recommend the best office in tax services, "ECPA", to you.
ECPA office has an integrated team of certified accountants, auditors and legal officers within Egypt and the Arab world.
ECPA office has a triple vision that has helped distinguish it in its field, based on providing high-quality services at the fastest time and lowest possible cost and using the latest technology to obtain the best results and lowest error rate.
Finally, the team's professional conduct, honesty, and ethics, all of whom seek one goal, which is the best interest of the customer first and foremost.
Our team is fully aware of all tax laws in Egypt, the Arab world and international standards and can deal with all tax issues and provide meaningful advice if your company pays taxes inside or outside Egypt.

الخدمات الضريبية | ECPA

What tax services does ECPA provide you with?

Our office offers many various tax services in which we have gained high experience through the studied practice of hundreds of them. We have achieved great success in all the services we have participated in, including:

Tax and accounting advice

We have distinguished experts specializing in all types of taxes, dealing with the tax authority and its inspection institutions. Our services include tax advisory services

  • Annual tax return preparation and processing services
  • Preparing Monthly Sales Tax Return
  • Settling and ending tax disputes
  • Make adjustments to annual taxes on wages and salaries.

Calculating the tax on the company’s net profit

We provide certified accountants and experts in auditing and accounting, training in the latest accounting programs and applications and provide you.

  • An accurate report of the total tax calculated on the company’s profits
  • Estimate all possible tax liabilities
  • Submitting documents and declarations to the tax authority
  • Negotiating with the Tax Authority

Tax return review service for value-added and selective taxes

  • Tax Agent Service
  • Monitoring and monitoring the health of companies applying VAT
  • Registration or deregistration of VAT and selective business
  • We submit requests to review the value of VAT and others
  • Services to recover the value-added tax imposed on landlords and property owners

Tax services for real estate transactions

  • Submit a declaration of the tax value accurately calculated from the value of the property sold
  • Follow up the tax collection within 30 days from the time of disposition
  • Submit a tax payment request if the customer is the buyer of the property and wishes to pay it

E-tax services

As we said earlier, our office has sufficient knowledge. It is constantly informed about the latest technological means related to taxation, whether calculating it, filling out and submitting a tax return electronically via the Internet or following up on payment.

Accounting and tax advice upstream deduction tax

Our office follows up the process of applying the upstream deduction tax and providing assistance to your company team with a set of clever tips and guidelines. We also prepare tax forms and reports to the Authority, follow up tax implementation procedures and deal with company meetings and negotiations with the tax authority

Planning and tax advisory services

One of the essential regulated tax services that we implement in parallel with the daily activities of the company so that we can make the most of the legal opportunities offered to investors by participating in the process of applying the correct law instructions that raise the company’s status

We contribute to the tax planning process through three services

Mechanization of tax works

A selection of the best Egyptian experts transfers all tax businesses and services on an ERP system dedicated to your company, taking into account all daily tax changes such as:

  • Tax value per product
  • Tax date due to the company
  • Entities that can obtain tax exemption and who cannot
  • Dates of all taxes due and paid
  • Obtaining notifications of approval and rejection of the company’s tax system and reports from the tax authority
  • Automatically send invoices to the tax office and receive a delivery or receipt letter.

Follow up and ensure the safety of daily tax work.

This service aims to follow up on the progress of the tax plan by checking monthly and quarterly for discrepancies in traffic, safety, and accuracy. The data collected is then used to declare deductions, collect taxes, and deliver notices

Service to implement tax administration requirements with extreme accuracy and speed

Daily business increases the requirements of the tax administration. The speed of response to these requirements improves the confidence and credibility of the tax authorities in the company’s management and vice versa. If the reaction is delayed, it will cause concern about its credibility.


Tax services are a burden on many clients, especially developing companies, but dealing with an office such as “ECPA” will make tax simple and increase the success of your company enhancing it internally and externally This is our real message that our real success is customer satisfaction. And the success of his company.