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A tour of corporate finance management, the first lecture (planning budgets)

The concept of budget – types of budgets (operating / investment / cash) – components of the budgeting system – main functions of the budget – advantages of budgets – practical difficulties – practical application

Sales budgeting and forecasting techniques using forecast formula

The concept of sales budgeting Importance of sales budgeting sales forecasting methods Practical case of sales forecasting using FORECAST FORMULA Collection policy and its relationship to sales budget Practical case (relationship of sales budget to collection budget and cash budget) Difficulties of preparing sales budget

Establishing companies is no longer difficult as before, especially with the availability of accounting and law offices that provide thoughtful legal advice that facilitates all matters.

Accounting offices help you choose the best type of companies through which you can succeed, complete all necessary procedures, and clarify all requirements to make your company significant profits.

Before starting to establish your company for the first time, you must know that there are two types of companies, private companies and financial corporations. Each type has several sub-types of companies.

A private company, for example, consists of a sole proprietorship, a private legal entity owned by one person who is mainly responsible for its expenses and revenues. All its profits shall be added to his account in the bank, and its costs shall be deducted from it.

A private company is considered the worst type of company. If the facility suffers losses, obligations or bankruptcy, the personal funds of the company owner, such as his car, house, and so on, shall be confiscated. Also, this type cannot be transformed into a joint stock company except in the event of the death of the owner of the facility.

There are other private companies, such as the joint liability partnership, which is the easiest in the incorporation process, owned by two or more people who bear legal responsibility. However, one of its disadvantages is that in the event of exposure to obligations and default in payment, the company’s funds are relied upon.

There is also partnership in commendam and joint venture companies. Each type has its own rules and laws that must be studied before choosing them.

Different financial corporations have the advantage that the company’s capital is entirely separate from the personal funds of the company’s owners.

One of the types of financial corporations is a joint stock company, the most significant type of company where the capital is divided into shares bought by shareholders, making this type more reliable and safer for investors.

There is also a limited shares partnership, which is divided into two or more general partners whose money is considered the guarantor of the company in the event of a default in the payment of obligations, in addition to three or more joint partners, each of whom owns a share in the company’s profits as much as he owns shares.

Limited liability companies are the most prevalent type among entrepreneurs among the different kinds of fund companies, as the partners’ funds are entirely separate from the company’s funds in the event of default in payment. This type is characterised by ease of incorporation and quick implementation of its procedures in the Investment Authority.

All these companies have advantages and disadvantages that must be carefully reviewed and verified before starting your company.

Therefore, entrepreneurs always turn to the most experienced entity in establishing companies, “The Egyptian Chartered Accountants Company”, the most significant accounting office in Egypt and the Middle East.

The ECPA office provides many professional services to those wishing to establish companies, such as registration in the commercial registry, publicising the company’s contract, opening a tax file for the client or insurance files, and preparing accounting and legal records and books.

We also participate with our clients in facilitating the procedures of the general assembly and the procedures for selling company shares, facilitating the issuance of an import card for production supplies, registration in associations and unions, the distribution of work permits and many other tasks.