Video Library - Planning and Development of Internal Control Systems

Explanation of the salary and wages cycle

How to separate the preparation and recording of the movement of salaries and its payment to achieve control over the salary cycle

Internal audit tasks

Internal audit tasks are divided into financial and operational audits, compliance tasks, advisory tasks, and planning for the audit process

Define internal audit

What is internal audit and the difference between it and external audit and its division financial audit and operational audit and what are the most important risks in any internal control system

Objectives and responsibilities of internal audit

Performing the auditor’s work independently and impartially, and what factors may affect and weaken them

Exercise Professional Care and Ensure Quality Improvement (Part I)

How to take the necessary professional care in the tasks of performing the audit, ensuring and improving the quality of the internal audit department and the evaluation work for it

How to achieve independence for internal audit and internal audit charter

How to achieve the independence and impartiality of the internal audit and the most important points that must be included in the internal audit charter and the presentation of the sales documentary cycle to separate the powers and responsibilities

An integrated accounting system and we are activating the ERP System

A simplified explanation of an integrated accounting system that links the departments of the institution such as stores, human resources, accounts, and marketing, which helps to achieve a balance between different departments and sections.

Documentary Procurement Course and Its Importance (Part II)

Separation of powers, registration and custody of the documentary cycle of procurement and verification of the efficiency and effectiveness of its oversight

Define internal control and define internal audit committees

What is internal control and its relationship with the internal auditor, and is there a legal and legislative obligation for companies to have an internal audit department and what is the difference between the internal audit department and the internal audit committee