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Legal penalty for currency trading within the company

A law was issued in late 2019 obligating the management of institutions not to use cash and cash transactions within the institution, even to pay salaries, dues or expenses, and this law obligated that dealings be through bank transfers.

What if the institution does not comply with this new law?

In this video, Mr. Tamer Naseer, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Tax Systems, will explain the new law and the consequences that await those who do not submit to it.

Operating and control systems and their importance for any organization - Part I

Through operating and control systems, you can ensure that the workflow in your organization works in accordance with all accounting and auditing standards.

Mr Attia Hamdy, the person in ECPA responsible for activating the systems will discuss the following points:

Systems concept

General framework for control and operating systems

The importance of these systems for the audit

Technological impact on systems

Operating and control systems - Part Two - The impact of modern technology on systems

Did technology and its advancement affect the institutions’ systems negatively or positively?! After the technological progress in the current era, it has become difficult to continue to use the old or traditional systems in this video.

Mr Attia Hamdy, the person responsible for activating the systems answers this question

How do you ensure the professionalism of the financial management of the institution

The financial management of your organization is your compass.. How to make sure of the professionalism of the financial management of the institution in this video Mr. Ashraf Hagar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Certified Public Accountants ECPA- answers this question

Types of companies or establishments

Are you thinking of setting up your own company? There are two types of companies, the first type is people’s companies, the second type is money companies, both types have several sub-types. Learn about the types of companies to know which type is most suitable for your organization or company with Mr. Alaa Al-Debiki, Member of the Board of Directors for Legal Affairs

ECPA - Egyptian Certified Public Accountants - Team

We provide a comprehensive range of services that allow you to focus on core business such as: –
Tax planning and consulting services
External Audit and Audit Services
Consulting services for commercial law and incorporation work
Consulting services related to evaluating companies and offering them on the stock exchange
Internal control system modification services electronically

An integrated accounting system and we are activating the ERP System

A simplified explanation of an integrated accounting system that links the departments of the institution such as stores, human resources, accounts, and marketing, which helps to achieve a balance between different departments and sections.

When do you make the decision to borrow for investment?!

Borrowing has conditions that must be met:

1- A powerful accounting system that can monitor events in real time, answer all inquiries, and determine profit and loss

2- A strong audit office that can check balances

3- Study the realistic cash flows from your system

The electronic invoice and the return on the issuance of the electronic invoice

What is an electronic invoice?! Issuing the tax invoice from all companies at the state level electronically through the official portals specified by the Ministry of Finance represented by the Tax Authority. What are the benefits of the electronic invoice?! For companies: it will be an official and instant approval from the interest, and therefore it will eliminate the phenomenon of arbitrary estimation. As for the interest: the ease and speed of the tax referendum, which guarantees the authority’s right to tax collection. As for the state: one of the most important ways to integrate the informal economy of the state